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Group Pastoral Letter for
July 2018


Our beginning and our end, who is always more ready to hear than we to pray, be with us in our listening, in our history and in our future, that we may see your work in the world around
us and seek your face in the community we serve. Amen.

Dear Friends, Chris and I were recently invited to a “Renewal of Marriage” service in a small and very old Church set in woodlands on the outskirts of West Kingsdown. The above
prayer was that churches mission statement.
I saw in that statement things that really made me think about how much time I give to listening for Gods voice, worshipping and praising him for all the love and care he has given
to me through the good times and bad times in my life.

It also made me so glad to see at this time without a minister how God is working in St.Paul’s and in our partner church in Cuxton.

We have had so much variety in our visiting preachers, all with wonderful biblical understanding to share with us, and I sense a growing together and a strong caring element within our congregations, not to mention a few new faces.

We do have many things going on, what a joy it is to see our young folk, taking part in worship, doing Bible readings, sharing with us what they are learning and even
accompanying us on the piano.

We have many new things going on in St.Paul’s, e.g. Monthly prayer breakfasts have started again, weekly Foodbank continues, and we are soon to start having a meeting in Michelle
and Drews home where we will share food and worship.

As we go through this process of change let us be strong in our faith and ready to do all we can to work together with one another and with our friends at Cuxton, to ensure that our
churches are welcoming and loving places, eager to learn more about the love God has for us.

Your friend and fellow believer.


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