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Group Pastoral Letter for
September  2018

Dear friends,

It is my turn to give you all some words of encouragement. I have been recently reading the
Biography “FOR THE GLORY” which is the life story of Eric Liddell, who you may recall from the film
Chariots of Fire.
Not only was he an athletic hero, having won a Gold medal at the 1924 Olympics but he was a
Christian Missionary who spent many of his young years preaching the good news on Sundays
across the Country.

He then decided that his calling was to spread the Gospel around the world and embarked on a
crusade to China.

With onset of the 2nd World War and despite having the opportunity to leave, he continued his
journey and was then interned by the Japanese. Becoming desperately ill through Ill treatment
and malnutrition, he sadly passed away in February 1945, having given his life to serve God.

His home country of Scotland and beyond mourned his loss.

He was truly a remarkable man and an inspiring Christian.

We need heroes like this to give us the courage to show our faith to the world and to continue to
spread the Gospel. Why are we as Christians so timid and reticent about proclaiming our faith to

I know that at St.Paul’s and Cuxton, we are fairly small in numbers, but a lot of things are going on in
our Churches and halls, not only on a Sunday morning but throughout the week as well, and I would
encourage you to take heart and join in with all the ecumenical activities propagated by Churches
Together, these include:-

“Street Pastors” "Prayer Pastors” “School Pastors” “ Food Bank” “Santuary” “Christian Aid Week”
“Christians against Poverty” and Christmas and Easter activities in the town centre.


My prayers go out to you all and especially to those of you who through age or ill health can no
longer attend Sunday services.
I will close with a short passage from 1 Corinthians:



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