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- Statement on the United Reformed Church Past Case Review

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The United Reformed Church has published the following information:-

We have all made mistakes and we want to learn from those mistakes.

People have been hurt by bullying or abuse in churches in the past. Things went wrong and people may be carrying the hurt inside them. We want to learn from the past and do better in the future. The Past Case Review is a way for the United Reformed Church to listen and to learn.

We truly want to hear about any behaviour which may need challenging, or if you have been hurt in the past by anyone in the United Reformed Church.


If anyone who has had any connection with your church wishes to share something that has happened to them within any United Reformed Church, we would ask them to get in touch with the Past Case Review team.


We want our churches to be safer places, where people can grow without fear.

Telephone: 020 7916 8682
Further resources and information website: www.urc.org.uk/past-case-review
Email: pastcase.review@urc.org.uk

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